Thursday, July 17, 2014

5 More Thoughts For Today

5. I mean, I really love books. It's getting crazy. I need to have a book-burning, I mean sale, of all my Reformed/Protestant books.* [You are a bad person.--ed.]

4. Maybe I really should renew my library card. It's a little awkward when your 2 favorite hobbies are watching Star Trek (in all incarnations) and buying books. [Dude, you bought those books on W.J. Bryan like a year ago. At this rate, you will not read those until you are 75.--ed.] Patience, my friend. I may not read or work as fast as I'd like, but I'm persistent.

3. I would have linked to Trueman, but it was being obnoxious. Then you can read my thoughts, if you like. [Would you say that is the best he can do?--ed.] That, I can't say. But I'm going to charitably choose to believe he believes what he's written. It doesn't hold water to me, but of course, I'd say that.

2. I do not deny that the subjective experience of various infidelities among professed Catholics is a kind of scandalous "counter-sign" (and barrier to communion) for the claim that the Church is the one Christ founded. But I do and must maintain that the pursuit of the truth is a strictly theological matter. That is, the truth about God is unavoidably bound up with His self-revelation. Thus, it is more than appropriate to ask how a denial of transubstantiation (for example) advances the cause of moral reformation. That is, "Could I be mistaken in that denial, even if my manner of living is more in keeping with the truth than those charged with professing and promulgating it?" Divine truth is not altered by sin; neither does falsehood become true when held by the pure.

1. The only thing crazier than this NBA free agency period is Dr. Alan Noble's hate mail.

*Note: Anything written by Captain Jack, or anything that serves as a legitimate reference tool, is not going to be sold.

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