Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Hey, everybody! Did you know that there is exactly one edition of the Vulgate (Latin) Bible in print in these United States of America, and that it will cost me at least 80 bucks if I want one? I'm taking Latin right now. I reasoned, "Hey, I know the Bible in English pretty well; it might help me." And of course, to impress people at dinner parties with how many different Bible translations I own. I can personally attest, by the way, that the Lord's Prayer is beautiful in Latin. St. Jerome would be appalled at the lack of availability of his translation. On another note, I saw a Catechism of the Catholic Church prominently displayed there at our beloved University Bookstore. I've always been curious about it. One day I'll get one. Lest you Reformed folks reading this think you're the center of the theological universe, I didn't see the Westminster Standards anywhere. The rest of the world is missing out on a gem, I say.

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