Thursday, May 25, 2006

Does anyone read this? Does it matter to me? Why or why not? Do ladies read this, like eligible, attractive ones? Is my secret crush reading this right now? Does she know of her status? Does she care? Do I care? I don't know. Should I set it aside to "focus on God"? How do you tell if someone is attracted to you? Do ladies cover it up in spiritual encouragement like guys sometimes do? In a way, I hope so. It makes me feel not as alone in my stupidity (idolatry, ahem). What does 'tradition' mean in the letters to the Thessalonians from Paul? Did Paul have a last name? Did he write 'apostle' on everything next to his name? Was he a bishop? Was he a presbyter? Was he a brother who led the congregation in singing once a month? Or a pulpit minister? (That one's for you, misguided congregationalists.) Was there anything remotely close to Coca-Cola in first-century Judea? Did they advertize? What did Judas Iscariot do for fun? Did he drink the first-century Coke? What was the hymn the brothers sung before they went to the Mount of Olives? (When our Lord was betrayed.) Is it still sung? Was it a 'traditional' version, or did some guy from the Judean Passion Worship Band take a run at it? Did Jesus write hymns? Did He automatically know all the words to all the hymns? Did Jesus tell the disciples which ones were about him? What was Jesus' favorite joke? Can we assume it was really funny? Did Jesus ever play checkers (or the equivalent) with kids? Did he let them win? Could Jesus run fast? Could he dunk a basketball? Is that a trivial question? No.

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