Thursday, May 25, 2006

If you ever find yourself in Columbia, Missouri, there's more than a few things you ought to do. For instance, your trip would be more complete if you stopped at CJ's on 7th and Broadway for some chicken wings. Or a morning of worship at Christ Our King Presbyterian could change your world on a quiet Sunday. But I want to tell you about a man named Robert Collins. He's a history professor at our quaint University, and he's bleeping incredible. As a friend noted, he actually defends his positions during lecture. The stereotype of a professor filling young minds with his unsubstantiated (usually un-American) opinions doesn't apply to Collins. When I took his History of the 1960s, sure we dealt with the dominant liberalism of the time, giving it a fair airing. Then we critiqued it! Our class had to read Radical Son right alongside The Things They Carried. He even said some nice things about Nixon (which, even from my right-wing perch, takes some doing.) Collins will not be lambasted by the College Republicans (or the Democrats, for that matter) any time soon. And it was damned interesting all the way, I must say. Good job, chief. Keep up the good work, and please don't retire! If you're a student, take the class, or another he teaches. If you're a visitor, politely ask the folks at Jesse Hall if you can drop in. More than worth your time, I'd wager.

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