Saturday, July 31, 2010

5 Thoughts While Watching "Inception"

5. What the jimmy is going on in this movie?

4. It sounds like Ken Watanabe...and it is!

3. Even Leo DiCaprio can't ruin this movie.

2. This movie is freaking me out...let me out of here! Oh, sod it; I might as well stay to get some closure.

1. Seriously, what is going on?

[Completely Pointless Fantasy Baseball Rant: I started off with the best pitching in the league, or at least the luckiest. I got Carpenter and Rivera, and ended up with Ubaldo Jimenez. He was a possible star budding after a 15-win campaign, but noone expected 15 wins in the first half of the season. Needless to say, I'm glad I held on to him. Meanwhile, Mariano Rivera remains the best closing relief pitcher in the age 40. Though Ubaldo got levelled for seven starts (7.54 ERA) before this last outing that was good, his ERA stands at a nifty 2.67. You can have a few bad ones when it's 1.00 through 12 starts. Poor Chris Carpenter: 11-3, 2.93 ERA. He should be about 14-2. We've not seen his best yet, and he shut out the Pirates last night over 8 innings but did not factor in the decision. The Cardinals did not score the winning run of the 1-0 contest until the 10th inning, after Carpenter had departed. But he's not hurting my team, that's for sure. As for my hitters, I got really lucky. I pre-ranked all the players because I knew I'd miss the draft, and I ended up with the NL's RBI leader, (Ryan Howard) a Texas Ranger having an unexpected monster season (Vlad Guerrero) and his teammate, (Josh Hamilton .362 BA, 23 HR, 75 RBI, 1.043 OPS). I'm 2 points out of first place in a very competitive league. And I found Delmon Young on waivers, right before he seemingly drove in 30 runs last week. I'm going to win.]

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