Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I was kind of inspired by this. I know these cats from TV when Chris Matthews used to sound like a contrarian centrist. They're good dudes, man. The kind of Dems you want to get beat by. [Grammar Fascist: "by whom you wish to be beaten."] I'm a little sad, because: 1) I think I like Obama as a person and a symbol; 2) I think his policy choices will blow up in our faces; 3) Obama is missing a huge opportunity. With that, a top 5 list:

5 Probable Locations For The Post-Partisan Obama

5. The Bush ranch in Crawford, TX while an Obama-bot controlled by an embittered Al Gore runs the country.

4. Trapped on a delayed flight at O'Hare Airport.

3. Locked in a closet in Milwaukee, WI. (rant forthcoming)

2. In a secret, undisclosed location with Dick Cheney that is obviously owned by the Chinese.

1. Completely lost in the president's attempt to quit smoking.

[Related Rant Of Political Disappointment: I remember the moment where Obama let the mask slip just a little in the gloriously easy centrist campaign that was 2008: The Wisconsin Democratic Primary. Hillary was done, the mid-South victories notwithstanding. He had no reason to say anything leftish of any sort. It was a bit tone-deaf, a little too evocative of Democratic triumphalism before the 1990s. I thought, "Uh-oh, I don't know if he understands the ideological variety of his coalition." And that's only gotten worse. Weirdly Pro-McCain Rant: I continue to believe that John McCain is an unprincipled opportunist that had no business carrying the standard for America's conservative party. (The flip-floppery of the Senate campaign against Hayworth proves it further.) He's a poorly disguised stealth pro-choice candidate; if for that reason alone, I'm glad he lost. I'm under no illusions with Obama, but that's just the point: I expect Democrats to adopt unworkable, intellectually indefensible, immoral policies. And if McCain had sounded the notes of his speech in LA at the outset of the general election the rest of the way, I might have voted for him. It's criminal and sad that the media focused on the malapropisms in this speech; it was as good as McCain got. I blame that Rick dude.]

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