Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm Not Crazy, I Told You

It's time to seriously think about this. Look, I get it, you can't listen to me any more, because I've accepted the Mind-Eel, and will no longer participate in your rousing debates about paedocommunion and Calvin's most stylish dinner jackets. But honestly, do you see this? We're right in the Christological golden age! This is your undivided Church right here! Um, how many theological giants will you casually assume had the wrong ecclesiology before it becomes hilarious? How strong does the evidence have to be?

I'm not saying that the theological enterprise is always so awesome. I'm not even saying that everything is remotely trouble-free. I'm in the same Church as Joe Biden, for Peter's sake! But it is the Church. There is no other.

I used your own narrative about the history of the Church to prove it false. The proud man asks what else they got wrong. The Christian asks what else they got right.

I'm your theological Tom Bodett, and we'll leave the light on for you.


Timothy R. Butler said...

No problem that Biden is in your church, given that you voted for him. Ahem. Comrade.

Jason said...

Touche, Comrade, touche.