Thursday, July 18, 2013

I'd Be A Liturgical Music Fascist, Except...

I can hang with St. Thomas and his hierarchy of the good; I am willing to say that sacred music is sacred music, and that Bach is more fitting than Matt Maher for Holy Mass (but seriously, I love Matt Maher). I actually expect to find out when I study it that even what goes on in good parishes (AKA faithful to the Church's Magisterium) is contrary to the rubrics and the intent of Vatican II.

But I am not one of those people who equates a perfectly executed and dignified liturgy with hearts that are aflame for God. Duh.

And that means--Heaven help me--you're darn skippy I sang right along with those contemporary songs last night. I knew every single one of them, and not just because they're popular or catchy. We got saved with those; we love Jesus because of them.

And frankly, most Catholics need to start at the very beginning--right there--anyway.

So sue me, the convert. I'm no traditionalist.

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