Thursday, July 11, 2013

Name And Town, Name And Town

5 Pithy Thoughts For Today

5. Why I'm not Protestant in one sentence: "One cannot be both the arbiter of divine revelation, and a humble receiver of it at the same time."

4. The interpretations of a community mean precisely squadoosh in the realm of theology--that is, dogma--unless that community's interpretations are vouchsafed by God Himself. And if it is, you can't leave (or you shouldn't).

3. Some people love to prattle on about the finitude and wickedness of man; oddly, these insights do not apply to their own biblical hermeneutics.

2. The Incarnation is the explicit refutation of the idea that the Christ of faith and the historical Jesus are not the same person.

1. One verse destroys that silly "Law/Gospel" paradigm: Romans 3:29. N.T. Wright, call your office!

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