Monday, September 16, 2013

5 Thoughts For Today

5. The fuel of feminism's lust for power is a similar male domination, and, well, lust. In other words, my brothers, there are feminists because we have failed to be the kind of men who earn the deference that is not humiliating, but empowering.

4. Yet that is no easy cosmetic, cultural fix. And political leaders get tarred as "anti-woman" when fighting against feminism's false premises precisely because they don't show concern for the innumerable crimes against women that make feminism an appealing political outlet.

3. Blogging strategy in general: Just talk about stuff in your Facebook News Feed that smarter, cooler people find interesting.

2. Bob Newhart just won an Emmy now? Are you kidding? Look, I wasn't here in the '70s, and I haven't seen all that many episodes of The Bob Newhart Show, because I'm already a bum who watches too much TV. But I know funny. That dude is funny. He's never not funny, from what I've seen. Hollywood: Where they praise you to the skies when you are old, knowing they despised you in your youth.

1. Is The Big Bang Theory actually funny? I'm asking, because I've never seen it. Yes, I know. I'm lame.

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