Monday, November 25, 2013

We Don't Have A Choice

We either build something called "Christendom," (again) or we destroy ourselves. Why? Because Natural Law is real. Theocracy is not in view, and it never truly was. Yet I cannot think of a reasonable basis for a free society besides Christianity. Has there been a greater force to elevate the dignity of mankind than the gospel of Jesus? He is apparently so powerful that His appointed shepherds and followers convict themselves when they fail Him.

Isn't it slightly amusing to hear the New Atheists put the Christian communities in the dock with indignation and moral standards given to the world by the very God whose existence they deny? And even while we fully acknowledge that a 'Christian' society without true conversion of heart will fail, by whom or what will Sam Harris or Dawkins set the world on fire with self-sacrificial love?

While it may be prudent to acknowledge the post-Christian context in which we find ourselves, acknowledging a reality is different than consenting to it, as if the lack of piety is somehow conducive to the gospel. The pietism that apologizes for Christendom creates the "post-Christian" society we now have. Any putative minister who thinks this is a good thing is deluding himself at best, and is a coward at worst.

For the moment, I don't care what you believe or disbelieve. Ask yourself if you want to live in a society governed by the will to power. Does being a subject of a polity whose only limitation is the whim of a majority sound like your cup of tea? Cleanse the world of Christ and Christians, and you'll get your wish.

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