Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Don't Judge Me

I'm deeply sympathetic to this: "If Ken Ham is getting rich telling things he knows to be false, he's a shameless fraud. But the bulk of creation's fundamentalists are deeply sincere. And, better than that, they are willing to be, in St. Paul's words "fools for Christ's sake." They do not live for the world's esteem. And so when the world next discovers a sophisticated ideology to get around "Thou shall not murder," I'd rather have one cussed fundie next to me than the whole army of eye-rolling Christians lining up to denounce him."

In case anybody cares, this sentiment is the main motive I had for "criticizing" Christ and Pop Culture awhile back. There's currency right now in not being "those Christians." But with Sola Scriptura and the loss of the dogmatic principle, it is significantly dangerous for Christians in Protestant communities right now. Most changes are subtle enough that most people still can be convinced that they are "faithful" or "conservative." With respect to what? According to whom? 

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