Sunday, August 17, 2014

I Put My Foot Down

When people say this, they usually mean that they have initiated some kind of conversation to end some intolerable set of circumstances, or asserted the authority to do it. It's bold, and it can be liberating. (And sometimes quite necessary.)

Yet we are who and what we are, and we cannot be anyone else. Some days, we are given crosses, not of our choosing or making, and we must carry them. Or I suppose we could not; we could rage and scream; we could indulge in pleasures of many kinds; we could check out of the world. But in that case, we would not be Christians, if I may say it so directly.

Today, I put my foot down. I rose out of my bed, I sat in my chair, and I went on living, as God would have it. We either have the power to control a thing, or we don't. We always have the opportunity to seek holiness and communion with God.

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