Tuesday, September 09, 2014

5 Thoughts For Today

5. I laughed at one of those allegedly offensive Mark Driscoll internet comments from 2001. I could be persuaded to be sorry about it, if you think it's truly hurtful, and you don't write for Salon.

4. "Homophobic" is not a real thing; it's a fake word, created to shame those who question the gay activist project of "homo-normativity." Seriously, have you ever heard this word used to denote anything other than this?

3. If Driscoll wasn't putatively a pastor, I doubt he'd be so shocking. It may cause us to evaluate how many pot-stirring, edgy, conservative radio hosts we have, but that's a different discussion.

2. Just to be clear, I think he's an immature adolescent, who's ironically made millions telling other people to "man up."

1. I also think the conversation about a truly Christian view of sexuality had better have more in it than, "Don't watch porn, and don't fornicate." A spokesman is only as good as his view of the world.

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