Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Could Just Water Stuff Down

I could make non-negotiables into adiaphora, and I could remain blissfully uncritical about my interpretations, and where I got them, in order to believe in perspicuity and Sola Scriptura. But my problem was, I believed that God couldn't lie, or err. Which means that, whether I believed my interpretation or another, I had to face the reality that Scripture would not adjudicate between them; each retains a plausibility structure which itself causes enough doubt that preference and cultural inertia are the only basis upon which to choose. I can think of nothing more unfitting for something that purports to be from Heaven. Ben Carmack, Gregory Shane Morris, and Tim Dukeman may not be willing to face the implications of it, but I couldn't ignore it. Sorry, guys.

The whole Reformation is self-refuting.

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