Thursday, October 16, 2014

It's Not Always A Happy Story

If any of you listen to the Bobby Bones radio show in the mornings, you may know that their colleague Amy's mom is dying of cancer. I can't find the link right now, but suffice to say, it is heartbreaking. There may be a mercy in the time to say goodbye, but I look back now, and I'm glad I lost my dad suddenly, and before I was me. Sometimes certain people are just the kind who torture themselves with what they should have said and done; I am one of those people.

We have only one enemy greater than death, which is sin that kills our souls. Find true goodness and forgiveness in Christ and the Church while we have time. Death doesn't wait until all the fences are mended. We need to know mercy for the most important relationship of all.

This culture offers us easy believism, and a humanistic universalism, as if merely being human were enough. You probably know their magisterial declaration by heart: "He's in a better place." Don't mistake that human goodness which even the most evil cannot fully suppress by wickedness for a free pass to the joy of Heaven!

This stern warning probably doesn't apply to these poor people I mentioned. We pray for all involved, that their final days together are salted with the joy of redemption in Christ, the hope of the resurrection of the body, and the everlasting peace of fellowship with God.

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