Sunday, May 10, 2015

Another Self

I have a friend who is leaving. He goes in obedience, for the sake of the gospel. He isn't simply the son of his parents, the one who hitchhiked/went on pilgrimage across Europe, the one whose infectious joy spreads like wildfire, the one who has distinguished himself academically as a leader among the learned. He is also ontologically changed by having received the sacrament of Holy Orders. He is a figure of Christ among us. In this way, it sounds absurd to say he is my friend. He has given much more to me than I to him, and in an all-too-brief time.

And yet, because we share the hope of eternal life, professing the faith of the Apostles, animated by the Holy Spirit's gift of supernatural charity, we are friends indeed, in the deepest possible sense. "There's a loyalty that's deeper than mere sentiment, and a music higher than the songs that I can sing," sang another friend, and he's right.

Benson gave us Fr. Percy, and the troubled Fr. Francis to show us this power of telos, to unite or to finally keep apart. If there is no faith, or the stirrings of it, there is no friendship in this deep sense, although we could use the sentimentality of politeness in greater measure, I think.

In any case, though soon I will not be blessed with my friend's presence, charity is like a bridge across the ocean. He'll be as near as God, present, yet unseen.

Thank you, dear brother. Be assured of my prayers and warmest love.


Unknown said...

I loved this! This is CB from the IPT BTW. :)

Jason said...

I know. It gives your name. :)