Saturday, June 20, 2015

Yes, The Confederate Flag Is Racist. Take It Down.

It's pretty simple: nobody gets a free pass to try to "reclaim" a symbol that has baggage without carrying the baggage. The Confederate battle flag says:

1. I agree with the people who started their own country just to continue owning other people;

2. I agree with the constitution of that rebel country, which prevented its own states from abolishing slavery;

3. I believe that the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the US Constitution were just Northern "meddling";

4. I was happy when the state governments reclaimed their governments from those trying to secure those rights for the newly-liberated people;

5. I agree with those who resisted the racial integration of the southern states in the '50s and '60s;

6. I think all this talk of racism is overblown, even though nothing would have changed, had the whole nation not seen what was happening on their TVs at night.

Is it worth it, just to say you like Lynrd Skynyrd? I believe you, when you say you're not racist. Is the effort of bearing the message of this symbol worth it? Not to me.

And I'm sorry for supporting politicians in the past who failed to stand up and point this out. I don't like to be lectured by Northeastern liberals, either. I get that. But they're right on this. And if there is a culture of indifference at best behind the whole history of this symbol, do you want to perpetuate that? Why?

I'd rather live in the South, by the way. You won't see me moving to Boston. But the truth is the truth.

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