Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Needed Some H20

I can't do subscripts here, I don't think. Anyway, "H20" is the title of the 1982 album by Daryl Hall & John Oates. I'm not a music critic, OK? So you're not going to get long, wordy descriptions about things the guy doesn't understand anyway. I really hate it when pop/rock critics make you feel like they know more than you, and more than they actually do. I just want to go, "Look, buddy, I may have heard one or two of these on the radio, and I need you to tell me if the album is worth it. Comprendo?"

I especially liked "Go Solo." I looked it up; this magical track was never released as a single. Paging Tommy Mottola, or whomever! You messed up big time on that one. I may have listened to it 37 times, actually.

What I mentally do is listen all the way through, and if some song grabs me, I'll come back to it. Consider me grabbed. Hall wrote that one by himself; good for you, Daryl! [You should remind everyone that you're a huge sap, and that's why you like the song.--ed.] I don't know why I love it, actually. I just imagined that if you took Hall's vocal out, replacing it with an instrument, somebody would walk by, hear the song and go, "That's a hit! Put a great vocal with that, and you'll make eleventy billion dollars." Oops.

You wouldn't regret buying the album. Oh, yeah, this album gave us "Maneater," maybe the most popular Hall & Oates song ever. Forgot about that one. Good times. I feel like you'll either love "One On One," or hate it. Somebody liked it; the NBA put it in one of their commercials. In any case, it's an enjoyable sonic journey with Daryl and John.

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