Monday, May 16, 2016

Love In A Wheelchair: Actually, I Don't Want To Keep It In The "Community"

On the one hand, I really appreciate being able to share experiences with people whose disability is similar to my own. I appreciate also many friends who advocate for persons with disabilities, and where our interests intersect, I'm happy to help.

Bottom line here, though: A beautiful woman is a beautiful woman. We're pretty much the same here, dudes. You could say that having a disability, and knowing others who may share common experiences creates a culture. Well and good. But it isn't an impenetrable barrier to me. For others with other characteristics, culture plays a bigger role in that decision-making process. But my role in the disability culture is not such that I need a woman to share that part of my life in common.

I worry about how my limitations will affect me as a faithful Catholic father, more than anything. And we all must consider whether we have been given the grace to fulfill that vocation.

At bottom, I'm just a guy. "Is she faithful?" will be running neck-and-neck with, "Is she hot?" (forgive the word choice, pious readers) until I am dead, or a vowed celibate, and no physical impairment changes that. Just thought you should know.

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