Friday, July 10, 2009

I have a confession to make. You know that show on the Catholic network (EWTN) called The Journey Home? I often watch it. I like it. I have for quite some time. Somewhat more scandalously, I've wanted to be a guest on the show. It's a show about former Protestants (I think also wayward "cradle Catholics") who come back to the Catholic Church. Even were I not considering such a move--which I cannot deny--it would be enjoyable for two reasons: 1. If you want to see passionate, Christ-like Catholics, watch this show. 2. If you've ever suspected that your Protestant church's theology is a bunch of convenient, anti-intellectual, fundamentalist nonsense, watch this show. [Sidebar rant: If you equate "fundamentalist" with voting Republican and/or being a moral traditionalist, I am NOT on your side.] The subtitle of the show could be "Pesky, Inconvenient Truths From Sane Christian People." In defense of non-loony Protestantism, many of these people could have saved themselves lots of trouble being conservative Anglicans, Presbyterians, or Lutherans. These converts do tend to be from the oddball wing of non-denominational Christianity. Easy pickings. On the other hand, this show would surely disabuse you of the notion that Catholics don't read, care about, or know Scripture. I'm just telling you straight up: Catholics who disdain/disobey/ignore Scripture are bad Catholics; they are not representative. That's also what I love about this show: I once thought Protestant=zealous for Christ, Catholic=lukewarm nominalism. Lies! All lies! Glory be!
All that is to say, while I remain skeptical of certain Catholic distinctives, (Mary, papacy/succession, Eucharist?) it is foolish for me to believe that a fully-orbed Catholic faith keeps one from Christ. The opposite is rather the case.

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Jamie Stober said...

Jason, I love The Journey Home too. Marcus Grodi and his thoughtful guests have been a huge part of my spiritual journey to historic Christianity. It's a good corrective for those fools who peddle spurious stereotypes about Catholics not being "real" Christians. Unfortunately, though, broadbrush misrepresentations of Protestantism show up in this show, but, I guess turnabout is fair play.