Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blessed Are The Listmakers

5 Thoughts For Today

5. I'm not saying that I'm a desperate, sad excuse for a man, but let's just say that I no longer laugh at the Geordi LaForge Holodeck Debacle. (let the Trekkies understand)

4. I finally watched the Blake Shelton Not So Family Christmas. No kidding. You couldn't have done worse with Dawkins, New Age nuns, and an Asherah pole. Blake Fail.

3. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, 19, first-round draft pick out of the University of Kentucky, says he lost a game of one-on-one to Michael Jordan. Yes, that Jordan. He's 50.

2. It is my honor to offer my favorite thing to Jesus in union with His paschal suffering. That said, if I say, "You have the bridge, Number One" 1000 times and eat steak for 97 straight days, cut me some slack, OK?

1. I wouldn't say kindness and charm is everything, but let's call it the Scarlett Barrier, as in, "I don't care if you're Scarlett Johansson; you need to get outta here, before I freak out."


Timothy R. Butler said...

I guess it was good I accidentally only recorded the first half of Blake's show. He actually brought Richard Dawkins and an Asherah pole onto the show? Yikes!

Jason said...

No, my dearest brother Tim, it only seemed that way. If I wasn't on a tight schedule and had to hire out for that sort of thing, I would have taken a shower. Ahem.