Saturday, July 27, 2013

Deep Thoughts, By JK

5 Thoughts For Today

5. When Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck) drops Ann/Anya off at the corner, I said to my friends, "Shake it off, Greg!" That was hilarious.

4. Your Ridiculously Interesting Read Of The Day.

3. You were right; it wasn't as sad this time. Whole new read of the situation. She got to be "normal" for a day. That's something, right? And I never noticed how authoritative she was when she returned.

2. Obviously, the writer(s) of the second season episode, "The Dauphin," from Star Trek: The Next Generation, were intentionally evoking Roman Holiday.

1. The only thing Hume destroys is his credibility.


Timothy R. Butler said...

May it not be. Have you read Hume's "Dialogues on Natural Religion"? It is brilliant and surely does nothing to destroy his credibility. Note: it isn't a critique of someone like Thomas, because Thomas understands reason needs to operate within faith. Rather, Hume was clearly sympathetic to someone who is of a traditional Christian mindset. The target he seeks and destroys mercilessly is the person who thinks reason outside of faith can prove the nature of God.

Jason said...

A Catholic must affirm that God can be known by reason alone. Hume's position is skepticism.

Timothy R. Butler said...

Then, we don't need the Magisterium?

Jason said...

No, the Magisterium deals with supernatural truths; that is, above that which can be known by reason.

Timothy R. Butler said...

Not incompatible with Hume's point so far...