Saturday, July 27, 2013

This Just In: Conservatives Think Gun Control Is Stupid

Because it is. Last time I checked, criminals do not obey laws. The very definition of "criminal." And the common folk, not wanting to be criminals, will obey your ill-conceived, emotion-saturated law, thereby rendering themselves completely defenseless when some nut-bar goes on a rampage. But hey, it's only lives, right?

Sometimes, all you can do to stop the danger is shoot back. That's what the police would be doing. So obviously, the problem is not guns. All together now: Abuse does not negate proper use.

And if you're wondering: Yes, I'm willing to live with the suicides, accidental deaths, and the like that are oh-so-manipulatingly added to the gun violence statistics. Because that's what freedom really means: the possibility that someone will use it wrongly.

I don't know what level of vigilance or fear would be inappropriate for a Christian to have. I choose at this time not to exercise that right. But you're darn skippy, I will defend that Constitutional right for others as long as I'm alive. A disarmed populace is an enslaved one. Thank you, and good day.

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