Sunday, August 25, 2013

Controversial Opinion For The Day

Homosexuality. It is the socio-political concern of the day. And not because, I don't think, it's our most pressing problem. Not even close. But those who matter, the opinion-makers and shapers want it to be. That's the truth. Why? Well, I can't answer that.

I do know that the way we are permitted to discuss the issue (and not) points politically to a certain illiberal tendency on the part of those who advocate for its normalization. I am well aware that we live in a pluralistic society. Are they? Should I be marginalized and silenced because I think homosexual acts are immoral? Because, by consequence, I believe that the State cannot justly recognize them? Do you really believe I am no better than the thugs who murdered Matthew Shepard? Does that even make sense?

Have we become so closed-minded that we are all just our tribes, our separate sub-cultures? Look, I'm just as guilty as anyone; there are "others" that I fear and dislike, at least sometimes. But is there no place to just talk any more? Is there any good faith left? Or am I just "them" to you?

One time, I knew a guy who walked into a gay bar to sing karaoke. He's a Christian, a committed Catholic, a Republican (it gets worse and worse) and about as square as you get. But there was people, and singing, and beer. In my universe, we call that a win.

How would the people there have reacted if they knew? Would they have thrown us out? Did they suspect that their "enemies" were looking them right in the face? Are we really like those who abused marchers, blew up churches, and nearly killed James Meredith? I'd say it's time for some perspective, for one thing.

Is this still a country where Billy Graham or someone like him can say, "Friend, that's a sin against God" and still be a friend? Where we recognize the difference between "I don't agree" and "I hate you"?

I need to be honest here; I'm the most impatient, intemperate fool I know. You know what? Your red equals signs irritate me; your arguments annoy me; some of you personally grate on me like nails on a chalkboard. BUT...know that were true evil to descend upon you like it did upon Matthew Shepard, I'd be there to help you. As fast as I could. It doesn't matter if you have your ticket to Hell halfway punched. This ain't Westboro Baptist. Why do I even have to say this?

But some people need to get a grip. Grow up. Hear another side of anything. Please. Before everything good is entirely lost in unrelenting spasms of self-righteousness. Like beer and karaoke.

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