Monday, August 26, 2013

That's "Admiral" Obvious To You, Sparky!

Why the dude even has to write such truth is a commentary in itself. She's not the first, and she won't be the last. I don't even toy with this stuff any more. I've told all my guy friends that the Disney Channel is the most evil thing on TV. Maybe you're better than me, more "discerning," as they say. But I doubt it. Do what you like; I know what we call "a near occasion of sin" when I see one. And it isn't just that one channel, as I'm sure you know. The faux-outrage is as comical as it is tragic.

"Purity" is not simply the avoidance of evil; the virtues of all kinds represent stable habits that are affirmative choices for the good. If you are virtuous, it means you choose the good with ease, in the simplest terms. All of us have to battle something; it's never a walk in the park. And that's OK, if you avoid sin. And even if not, grace is never far. God loves us! The Holy Spirit not only gives us forgiveness, but He is power to grow in virtues, both natural and supernatural.

What do you want? Is what you want good? Then do it. The people trapped in sin are mistaken about what is good. They might even know it. Don't judge; it could be any of us, any time. But let's not act surprised, as though we're not all our own Mileys or Amanda Bynes.

One more thing: Why do child stars often harm themselves? The problem is us. Our culture puts a lot of effort into projecting or imagining happiness, instead of finding it and creating it. Much as I like 'family' programming, you can't expect it to be real if it isn't.

But I think I can say that real happiness and goodness is attainable for us, by God's grace. Cynicism is not our only option. If we weren't made for goodness, the facsimiles would hold no charm.

With that, I will now watch Full House.

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