Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Is It Echoing In Here?

What she said. I think I just said this yesterday. With the usual blah-blah about how we shouldn't generalize to all people (which actually functions among certain Evangelical tribes as a way to prevent anyone from saying anything about anything), I really resonated with it. On the other hand, I feel socio-culturally like a woman, sometimes. I don't have any problem sharing my feelings. At all. Interrupting me will not cause me to withdraw. Anyway, I'm pretty wounded. No news there.

In other news, let me point out that this is yet another link to something written by a non-Catholic Christian of some sort, and I am not going to critique it at all. Furthermore, this is exactly what happens 94.7 percent of the time. The next person who says I don't respect non-Catholic Christians, I'm just going to laugh in your face, in the most loving way possible.

I also feel compelled to mention to Comrade Butler and The Durrwachter that whatever else I might say, you two guys are my guides for whatever "heresy" I'll be reading. Ahem. Boy, I don't think any of us thought life would go this way, eh? Thy will be done, thy Kingdom come.

Seriously, though, love to all the brethren. Please do not judge me by my Facebook posts. I feel worse about a few than you ever will. But not as many as you think.

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