Friday, April 11, 2014

Kate Upton Has A Soul

Duh. Right? But she does. I saw her on one of the late-night talk shows last night, and I was curious how she would dress. (Trust me, you can find her in any state of undress on the internet in short order.) But she was dressed very tastefully, actually. And since the guy was going to actually talk with her, and my soul was safe, (so it seemed) I settled in to listen for a spell.

She's a very likable person. Believe this or not, but she has an innocence about her that is very real. She talked about going to photo shoots in Germany when she was just a teen. Can you believe that? I certainly believe you can be a chaste model, but isn't it also true that children who are way too young are sexualized and made into objects of lust? Child pornographers aren't aliens; they're us, with the veneer of respectability stripped away.

I promise you, I saw past it all. I saw that she's just a little girl. Frankly, she looked like she needed a hug. I'm not sure; I have nothing to back that up. But just for a second, she wasn't just a chick with all the curves in all the right places. If you have a moment like that, hold on to it. It comes from God.

Remember, any insights you gain from me are not from very high horses; they are hard-won, the triumphs of the lowly. On the one hand, I don't believe the same man can be both a saint and a sinner at one time. On the other, it is His glory and right to make enemies into friends.

What if we saw everyone as they were meant to be? What if we loved them as God does? I can hardly fathom it, much less write it. But the thought has a piece of glory in it.

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