Friday, September 05, 2014

God Did Act First, But R.C Sproul Is Still Wrong

We agree that man is not able to save himself. Were he not affected by the Fall, he'd still need grace to attain communion with God. Don't miss that part. But it's not some fantastic insight that God must move, or no one would be saved. Sorry. It's just not.

It's a big jump from this to "God does everything" and "God only saves some people". What's the point of the gospel, then? No, seriously. Why are you a minister in the first place? You could just sit back and watch it happen. That's what "monergism" is, you know. Only one working. If you have the guts to bite the bullet, then bite it. But I don't blame anyone for not buying what you're selling.

This emotional blackmail of, "Oh, that's just your pride talking" is precisely what it is. If God alone works in salvation, then God alone is morally responsible for the bad outcome. No, he doesn't owe salvation to any man, but Christ has come as Savior. We don't need play-acts of "mercy" for a special few; we need grace and salvation.

I'm willing to look into the eyes of every single person and say, "Jesus Christ died for you." It's not a hypothetical; it's real. Before we embrace what isn't true good news anyway, maybe we should ask, "Who asked Luther and Calvin, anyway?" I'd like to believe that this question would occur to the inquisitive person, but then, I was in the bubble once, too.

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