Monday, September 01, 2014

Mark Shea Is Kind Of Annoying, But...

He's got a point. You could do a lot of things: cut the payroll tax, increase the Earned Income Tax Credit, pay people to get married and have kids, etc. See, I don't think pro-growth and pro-people have to be at odds. Sarah Palin was the one who entered "crony capitalist" into the national conversation; USE IT! More importantly, believe that free markets do not equate to "profit at all costs."

Would you back an increase in the minimum wage in exchange for rigorous federal safety inspections of all abortion clinics? I know I would. Watch the Democrats betray their own constituencies to defend their "sacrament."

I think the opportunity is there to be the kind of "liberals" they never were. Will the Republicans allow racism or other petty motivations stop them from doing the right things? And of course, winning?

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