Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I frankly can't believe we have to take this election seriously. It won't be close. And it shouldn't be. We have a president who puts American soldiers in harm's way for a dubious purpose in Libya,--and that, without Congress's express authorization--who makes Americans complicit in the murder of children by revoking the Mexico City policy, whose Justice Department is so politicized, it makes Alberto Gonzales look like a statesman. The cronyism is thicker than the lies. They couldn't even pass a health care law without using a highly irregular tactic. When its constitutionality came under challenge, they didn't even have the guts to argue for it in a principled fashion. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court did Obama a favor, and instead they whine about how everyone calls it a tax. Hey genius, that's the only way your horrid signature achievement is allowed under our Constitution. You know, that thing you took an oath to defend.
After hammering Bush and the GOP Congress for spending like drunken sailors, Obama and the Democrats made it all look like a rounding error in a year. The basically Keynesian philosophy underlying the stimulus begun under Bush and expanded under Obama was already ill-advised. But it undermines confidence in the republic when the government loans (which ultimately failed) went to people and firms with connections to Obama.
He's a thin-skinned (incorrect) ideologue who apparently didn't expect that those who resisted his plans might know what they were talking about. Doesn't it seem like he really isn't all that smart? They bristle at the suggestion that he's a socialist, but have you even heard him articulate a positive vision of capitalism once? Oh, he likes (Democratic) rich people well enough. But he doesn't seem to know or care where wealth comes from.
The beauty of being a Republican or a conservative at a time like this is that you don't even have to advocate the wholesale dismantling of the welfare state; you just have to challenge them to provide the proof that all this empowerment and egalitarianism that was allegedly the basis for it all has in fact taken place. In fact, the opposite is the case.
I don't have any illusions that Mitt Romney stands for a capitalism that is as fair and accesible as the dignity of human beings and the gospel requires. But I do know that all Obama is doing is demonizing him, because he can't give us a reason why he should be our president, and evidence that his policies have had a positive impact.

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