Monday, March 04, 2013

Don't Run Into Stuff

5 Thoughts For Today

5. Watch where you are going. No, seriously.

4. Give tax breaks to everyone! That way I don't have to listen to your envious babble on the point.

3. Extortion comes in many forms.

2. I'm not averse to helping people out. Common good, and all that. Isn't it interesting, though? We're getting more starkly utilitarian even as the sanctimonious armies of coerced compassion grow in strength.

1. You know, I'm not a suck-up to the rich and powerful. Money's a tool; you can use it well, or use it badly. But you're right that I admire people who struggle, who've even gone without food for a dream. I don't think we should knock them off the mountaintop when they get there. Just sayin'.

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