Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Was Thinking

5 Thoughts For Today

5. One thing grace does sometimes is give you an extra moment to reflect. Clearly, I need much more grace.

4. It's a simple equation, really: Teach the Catholic faith, or button your face. This is not one of those times when dissent is patriotic.

3. I'd take a jobby at Hobby Lobby, 'cause the elites are kinda snobby, and contraception is worse than eating wasabi.

2. Compliment Of The Week: "J-5, [That's me; please don't ask] you rep legit intelligence. When you speak people shut up and listen. The world needs that. You can rep that in this small brigade of ragamuffins."--Nathan Folkemer

1. Define your terms.


Timothy R. Butler said...

What's your problem with wasabi?

Jason said...

Other than, "It's bloody hot"? But it all stems from a really bad idea in college...