Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Kenney Wedding

I was honored to attend. I cannot help but note the biggest lesson from the last few weddings I attended: It's not really about the couple. It is a sacramental witness to the goodness and grace of God, and God gives that grace to everyone who is there (and even those who are not). I both needed and received grace, so it was a good day.

I was glad it was in English. Don't judge me. I love Latin; I love what many Catholics aim to reaffirm when they pray in the Extraordinary Form. I've had several years of Latin. That's just it, though: I don't want to feel like I'm taking a Latin test when I go to Mass. I'm sure I'd get better if I did it more often.

But I'll never understand how it got to be a test of orthodoxy. Repeat after me, kids: There is nothing wrong with the Novus Ordo. Frankly, the biggest problem is that we have a few too many people in high places who just don't believe the gospel. Who is it we aim to serve? And what do we know about Him? Latin or otherwise, you can't really pray at all if you can't answer that.

Anyway, Dan and Lisa know how to throw a party. I needed a party after last week. Patrick and I enjoyed exhorting George not to bump into my wheelchair on his trek around the dance floor with terrible British accents: "Take heed, Mr. Capps! I shall not be moving!" Aye, that's right, Mr. Capps!"

We said farewell for now to Serena, who's in Ohio doing doctor-things. In general, y'all clean up good. We learned that Jeff can dance. And it's not a wedding until the DJ plays this. The mystery of the evening was this: "Did Chris Rubie ever actually go to the bathroom?"

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